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Mount Pleasant SC Boarding Kennel Customer

Mount Pleasant SC Boarding Kennel Customer

What makes a good veterinarian?

Coming from the mouths of customers instead of professionals, here are some great comments on what makes a good vet. Below you will see that the advice of friends and family is commonly recommended. You will also see that the caring disposition of the veterinarian is very important.

Call your local veterinary clinics. Ask for information on fees, hours and policies. Consider requesting a tour of the practice.

Ask any local friends and family members that have experience with local vets. My vet came through a recommendation from a friend.

Good veterinarians will ask all about your pet. Questions that should be asked include:

  • From where did you pet come?
  • How long have you had it?
  • What do you feed it?
  • What are its stools like?
  • Tell me about its general behavior.

A good veterinarian will answer all questions you have. All of your concerns will be taken seriously.

Visit the local veterinarians’ offices without your pet to meet them and their staff. See how you personally feel about them. If your gut tells you to move on, move on.

Some people like the option of being in the same room as their pet during treatments. See if your selection of veterinarian feels that this is a good idea. The personality of your veterinarian is important. You need to trust them with your pet.

Go to the vet clinics and talk to some of the people you find there, including the receptionist and any people in the waiting room.

Education may not be all that important. Compassion and a love for animals are important. Find a vet through word of mouth. Check the prospective vet’s interaction with your pet.

Ask for an on the spot tour of the veterinary clinic. You will get a good indication of how things are run by looking at the general condition and upkeep.

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