Mt Pleasant Dog Daycare by Any Other Name


Daytime boarding is known by several variations:

Dog Daycare
Doggy Daycare
Doggie Daycare
or any of these using “Day Care” instead of “Daycare”.

Kitty day care, kitten day care and cat daycare are implied when using the dog daycare phrase.

We get many inquires from new and old customers asking if we at Pet Keepers provide that service. YES, we certainly do! We love day boarders. 

Doggy Daycare Mt Pleasant SC

Our doggy daycare service may be needed if you are remodeling, have out-of-town guest with their own finicky pets, letting the maid have free run of your house, etc.  It is also great for you to let your pet have a special vacation as a treat now and then, frisking in our play yard during the day instead of just laying around until you get home from work.

Vacationers from out-of-town find doggie day care very beneficial when they want to do some sight seeing around the area and don’t want to leave their pet in the motel room for most of the day alone.

Give us a call today and arrange a special treat for your puppy or kitty!

Kitten Day Care Mt Pleasant SC

Want a tip?  Bring your pet(s) in for a bath and get daycare for FREE! Drop off anytime before noon and pick up before we close.   843-849-8866

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