Mt Pleasant SC Kennel Recommends Dog Agility


Mt Pleasant SC Kennel Recommends “Dog Fun on the Weekend”

Want to have a real blast this weekend? Get your grass mowed, do a minor garage cleaning, tell your group you will golf another day, then pack up the family and dog. Get over to a dog agility course. It is not only great exercise for your dog, but also for you. An agility course is truly a Dog Amusement Park.

Pet Keepers Mt Pleasant SC Kennel Fun

Pet Keepers Mt Pleasant SC Kennel Fun

(UPDATE: The agility obstacles have been removed due to objection from one person or a few. The fenced area still exists.) We have a real bonus here in town. Just a few miles from Pet Keepers Mount Pleasant SC Boarding Kennel there is a county park that has a fenced in agility course. The name of the park is Palmetto Islands County Park and the address is 444 Needlerush Parkway, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464. You can google directions, or you can just get on Long Point Road, enter the Long Point subdivision and keep driving to the end of the road.

There you will find the park entrance gate. Pass over a few bucks, stay to the right, and drive right up to the “dog amusement park”. Do not worry about parking. The course is surrounded by acres of grass. Distractions are few since the agility course is at the boundary of the county park, away from other attractions, and not on the major route through the park. The four-foot chain link fence surrounding the course lets you take off the lead and romp without worry. Cost? Completely free other than the few dollars you already paid to get through the entrance gate.

For those not so fortunate to live near an agility course, lobby for your county park to build one. The only substantial cost to the county would be about 300 feet of chain link fencing and some inexpensive obstacles. All of these obstacles are easily built by anyone somewhat handy with a saw, hammer and PVC piping. You could make the tunnel by cutting off the ends off fifty-five gallon barrels and joining them.

This course is not exactly what you see on TV for the competitions. It is scaled down somewhat and has a smaller perimeter, but still a terrific short course. There is no standard sequence of obstacles for real competitions because the judge sets it up how he wants each time. Competition dog agility is where a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. Dogs run off-leash with no food or toys as incentives. The handler cannot touch the dog or obstacles. You will not be this rigorous because you will be having family fun!

Obstacles at our neighborhood agility course include:
– A teeter board
– Tunnel
– Standard adjustable jumps
– Tire jump
– Weave poles
– Pause table
– Dog walk
– A-frame

Once you get good and worn out, cool down with a leisurely stroll with your around the park. There are walkways all over including some over marsh, a look out tower, slides and a playground. Talk about some great scents for your hound to investigate! This author has even taken the family Christmas photo at this site and always travels with a picnic lunch, including dog lunch. You can leave Splash Island for another day in the summer.

After you take advantage of this adventure, you will want to go back repeatedly to let your pooch show off. It may make sense to buy a season pass. Please let us know at Pet Keepers Mount Pleasant SC Boarding Kennel how it went for you. No need to tell us what the stopwatch said unless you really want to.

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