Mt Pleasant SC Veterinarians Use Memorial Gifting

Happy Mt Pleasant SC Kennel Puppy

Happy Mt Pleasant SC Kennel Puppy

There is a great article in the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine 2007-2008 Report to Donors.

The article talks about how memorial contributions to honor pets are not only being made by owners, but also by the pets’ veterinarians.  The story tells of how Dr. Kevin Shuler made a memorial gift in honor of a customer’s springer spaniel that had died.  The owner was so moved that he contributed $25,000 to the New Teaching Hospital Building Fund.

When interviewed, he told of how Dr. Kevin Shuler was a wonderful sincere caregiver, and that he and his father, Dr. K.C. Shuler, had taken care of his pets all of their lives. He further stated that the Shulers were more than just business owners to him and his wife, they were like family doctors.

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