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Ever since Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital moved to its new location across the parking lot we have been brainstorming on ways to use the empty space. Well, after many meetings and plans the renovations are complete! It is now official – vacation just got “suite-er” for your pet!

Introducing Sawyer Cottage! (Think Ben Sawyer) Featuring master suites, grand suites with combo housing, and high rise living in upscale splendor!

  • A Room with a View…. This large, indoor space features three floor length windows along with skyline windows that run the length of the entire room. This provides all our master suites with plenty of natural sunlight that is gently filtered for pet comfort. The result is airy, comfortable feel to your pet’s home away from home.
  • The Dynamic Duo…. Our grand suite and condo room offers something for everyone. Have multiple pooches? Different sizes? Want them to see their siblings or pals but not bunk up together? This is the room for you! With suites on one side and condos on the other, we can accommodate any combination! And did I mention the skyline windows that also traverse the room for tons of light? Say aaaah!
  • Uptown Living…. Our three high rise condo rooms offer semi-private accommodations with dogs of similar temperament to keep the tranquil vibe during their vacations. These condos are large yet private, allowing your best friend to enjoy an indulgent visit.

Please browse through our picture gallery below (coming soon) or better yet come by and see us to book your pet’s next vacation!

Also stay tuned as the Kitty condos of the CatTails Inn receive some refurbishment and reconstructing that’s sure to make our cats purr with delight!

~Your pets leave paw prints on our hearts~

Here are some photos of where we are today. Click on photo to enlarge.

Here are some photos of how we started.